Teaching Expertise

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Academic Courses Taught:



  • Jesus and the Jewish Holidays

    • "A Christian Perspective on Purim"

    • “Jesus and Hanukkah”—Expositional study on John 10:22-39 

    • “Jesus in the Passover”

    • “Jesus in the Feast of Booths”

    • “Jesus in Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement)”

  • Messianic Prophecies

    • “The Suffering Servant of Isa 53”

    • “Jesus in the Torah” 

  • “Israel, Eschatology, and the Gospel”—a topical study focusing on the Gospel in the land of Israel in these days.

  • “Jesus: The Great Jewish High Priest”—Hebrews 7

  • “The Enduring Authority of the Scriptures”—a topical study from an assortment of passages in 2 Tim.  

  • “Gospel-First Freedom”—an exposition of Matt 17, focusing on putting the importance of the Gospel first in all we do. 

Teaching and Seminars

  • “The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible”—a seminar focused on how these ancient scrolls help us understand the Bible better.

  • “From Abraham to Israel”—a historical and theological survey from Abraham to the formation of the modern Nation of Israel. 

  • “Hebrew for the Lay Person”—a seminar supplying the basics of the Hebrew language.   

  • “What Happened Between the Testaments?”—A study in the significance of the intertestamental period for biblical study. 

  • “How did We Get Our Bible?”—Textual origins, transmission, and textual criticism 

  • “The Bible in Its World”—a seminar focused on Ancient Near Eastern Languages, Literature, culture and the Bible