The 17th World Congress of Jewish Studies
to Aug 13

The 17th World Congress of Jewish Studies

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (map)
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"Faithful or Fickle Judah?—Hosea 12:1-3 in Philological Perspective"

Demonstrating any type of coherence in Hosea 12:1b in its biblical and theological contexts lies in uncovering the significance of the ambiguous word rad רד.  In this paper, I suggest a philological solution to this quandary.  

Latter Prophets II Unit: Room: 2603 at 3pm


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Voyage Calvary Chapel
9:00 AM09:00

Voyage Calvary Chapel

"How to Find Genuine Joy"  John 15:8-11

Service time: 9am

Sometimes we, as well-meaning, God-loving people can get caught up focusing on the wrong things to bring us joy—even if those things are good.  Sometimes our journey for genuine joy becomes misguided.  Through Jesus’ words to his disciples in John 15:8-11, all followers of Christ are able take to heart that which brings true joy to one's life. 

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