Voyage Calvary Chapel
9:00 am09:00

Voyage Calvary Chapel

  • Center at Founder’s Village

"How to Find Genuine Joy"  John 15:8-11

Service time: 9am

Sometimes we, as well-meaning, God-loving people can get caught up focusing on the wrong things to bring us joy—even if those things are good.  Sometimes our journey for genuine joy becomes misguided.  Through Jesus’ words to his disciples in John 15:8-11, all followers of Christ are able take to heart that which brings true joy to one's life. 

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Pastors Conference
Jun 29

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Pastors Conference

  • Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa

Workshop: "From Abraham to Israel" June 27 & 28 at 3pm.  

Guest panelist: "Current Issues in Theology" June 27, 2017 at 1pm. 

June 26-29, 2017

Main Speaker - Canada Chinese Winter Conference
Dec 31

Main Speaker - Canada Chinese Winter Conference

  • Glennmore Inn

Abide – What Fruit Will You Bear? 


- A series on Connect. Impact. Multiply

This year's 56th conference theme is a continuation of last year's "Connect, Impact, Multiply". The theme will be focusing on CONNECT – connecting with God, the family of God and others. Fruit is an indicator that we are in the vine. In John 15, it implies that we are the branches and that God is the gardener. If we are connected to the vine we should be bearing fruit? How does that look like and what does that mean? Our goal this year is revival: bearing fruit and spreading God's love to others. Our theme verse is John 15:5.